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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Here We Come-Ready or Not

2012 is almost here .many of us will be happy to see 2011 go i know i will.
Our Govt has gone crazy. Jobs are not there for many. Money is tight these days for many.
I am still here still sweeping and helping others where i can not easy these days.
I am going to try to keep updated more this coming year


sue14625 said...

January is almost over where did it go ? Winter is not really winter here like it should be today was 50 degrees.
Some Flower ae budding and others are not dormant like they are supposed to be.
Wonder what February will bring?

sue14625 said...

Wow February almost over time goes way to quickly these days.
Winter never showed up expect 2-3 times so weird for NY State.