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Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I Do Not Condone

with so many blogs out there unfortunately we come across a blog or community that should not be allowed to exist
Many i am sure have been following the Momdot.com to do over remarks that the owner Trisha has made in the Last few days
one was a picture of a young girl she took while sitting in a Airport and was posted on her blog -she called the girl fat and posted it was a wake up call about childhood obesity-the young girl was plump but not fat
one picture was a Hadestic Jew -
a middle aged male with a Mohawk
a young girl she called a Miley Cyrus wannabe with fringed boots
this woman has a young daughter of her own
many of this woman's followers feel these remarks are funny and see no reason to be concerned about this behavior its is called CYBER BULLYING AND Needs to BE STOPPED
HOPEFULLY HER SPONSORS WILL BECOME AWARE OF THIS BEHAVIOR and find other ethical blogs to advertise on

another comment she made on her blog was she would rather have Cancer than lose 5lbs this hit home i lost my Mom to Cancer and my Aunt is undergoing treatment

supposedly she and her family are receiving death threats and have locked her site down and only certain members have access
iy is my understanding from former members of her site if you disagree with or do not post enough you ar e banned from the site so much for being a friendly helpful site as is advertised and for 6.00 you cam buy a PR List is that even legal
what i am asking is please do not support these types of blogs and remove your assocation with htis woman