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i am 61 yrs young single and loving it-most of the time I am severely Hearing impaired. I do not let it stop me HAVE 2 CATS THAT NEEDED A HOME LIVE IN A TRAILER PARK

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scraping by on a Fixed Income

Living on a fixed income these days is getting harder and harder.Social Security-Disability-Unemployment-Pension-only so much to go around.
After paying- Rent/Mortgage-Utilities -Medical- Insurance -Car needs-if  are lucky enough to have it.
Try and buy food -prices are going up everywhere -
stretching that food dollar thinner and thinner each month -now if i was stretched that thin would be nice-but that's a whole nother post for another time.

For me being on SSD is not how i would like to be living.
They say enjoy your retirement years.
I am not enjoying mine i admit it
without a Car or Family-no public transportation or stores within walking distance- neighbors are not friendly or even ask if you need anything.-i have no idea what i would do in a emergency or who to turn to for help this scares me .i am basically a prisoner in my Home and utterly alone .
Scrambling every month just to get to a grocery store for food gets frustrating -the person who i pay to take me is more concerned with DR App ts /and Woe is me my pitiful life--it seems than anything else-sometimes i just do not enjoy listening to it this being someone who gets all kinds of help-medical-food-a car was given to her after she wrecked hers-now shes filing bankruptcy cuz she cant pay her bills-got stop spending and eating out every day but what do i know
i enjoy being around people but my life these days is four walls 2 cats old tube TV and a computer-not much of a life is it but its the life i have these days

Monday, January 30, 2012

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