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Friday, December 24, 2010

Mistie-Fraidy Cat

Mistie hates his picture taken

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweeping Winning and Losing

i sweep as i mentioned and this thread is about my ups and downs in the sweeping world.

So far this year has not been to bad as far as Wins for me at least .So far i have won

Earth Footwear shoes
Flip Video Recorder
Gift Cards
Mini MP3 Player
Bath Beauty Products -Lavender is my fav scent
Food Items-Chocolate/Coffee
and of on my favorite items to win-free product coupons-these days saving money is a must so product coupons sure help.

even those i enjoy Sweeping there are some downsides -as in everything in life

Sadly there are reports of cheating by some who enter sweeps -some get caught others do not if i cant enter legally i sure am not gonna enter at all
time consuming you betcha -sometime sit feels not worth it and of course if you go by statistics -apparently the average is supposed to be for every 100 sweeps you enter you should win 1 my ratio is not good but that's OK .i keep entering and keep hoping .
another downside is wow i won now to get my prize-some sponsors or blog owners have giveaways and some end up being scams-been several on Twitter lately especially with the IPAD craze and not much it seems can be done
some sponsors and blog owners never send the prizes -or never contact the winner so they can respond in xxx time to get the prize-happened to me a blog win i found doing a google search -blog owner responded after i emailed -oh i gave it to some one else

such is the world of sweeping until later then--.....